Small Ceramic Bowls Pearl Wedding Anniversary Gifts


  • Small porcelain decorative bowls
  • Available individually or in sets of 3
  • Lovely pearl wedding anniversary gifts
  • Packed in a branded gift box


Looking for unique pearl wedding anniversary gifts?

Our small ceramic bowls at Melissa Choroszewska Ceramics make fabulous pearl wedding anniversary gifts.

Handmade in porcelain clay and finished in a stunning mother of pearl lustre, these tiny bowls are the perfect size for keeping your best pair of earrings in.

These ceramic bowls are perfect on there on or in a set of 3 displayed on the mantle piece or coffee table.

Our small ceramic bowls measure approx 5.5cm diameter by 2.5cm high. Please note each bowl will vary in shape, colour and size due to the handmade nature of the product.

How to Order

On the drop down menu select either 1 bowl or a set of 3

Add to cart and proceed to check out.

What happens Next

When I receive your order I will pack it up and send via royalmail.

If your bowl is to be a pearl wedding anniversary gifts let me know and I can omit the invoice and add a gift note.

If your bowl is not in stock I will let you know, you can choose to wait upto two weeks for your bowl, or you can choose an alternative product, or get a refund.

How Your Bowl Is Made

Your bowl is made at Melissa Choroszewska Ceramics in Cornwall.

Porcelain liquid clay is poured into our handmade plaster moulds, the bowls are then finished by hand and when dry they are biscuit fired to 1000 degrees C, clear glaze is then applied and the bowls are fired to 1260 degrees C. Finally mother of pearl lustre is applied and the bowls are refired to 750 degrees C.

Your bowls are then packed in our branded gift boxes and then dispatched.


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Additional information

Number of Bowls in Set

1 bowl, 3 bowls


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