Daisy Bowl


Pressed with a real daisy.

This decorative bowl measures approx 8.5cm diameter 4cm.

Handmade in Cornwall


A lovely porcelain bowl featuring little daisies, perfect as a table centerpiece.

This porcelain bowl features a stunning mother of pearl daisy flower.
Handmade from porcelain clay, the bowl is slipcast and then finished by hand, and then a daisy from my Cornish garden is pressed into the bowl, it is then fired and glazed and then refired, finally mother of pearl is applied to the daisy and the rim of the bowl and it takes a final 3rd firing!

This porcelain bowl is a lovely touch for collectors of daisy decorations and floral home decor.
This porcelain bowl makes a perfect 30th wedding anniversary gift (Pearl wedding!).

This decorative bowl measures 8.5cm diameter 4cm (medium). Being handmade measurements vary between each vessel.

Made in Cornwall, UK.


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