Ceramic Bowls House Warming Gift – Medium


Handmade ceramic bowls in pearl glaze.

Measure approx 8.5cm diameter 4cm high.

Makes a great house warming gift, pearl wedding gift and birthday gift.


Our ceramic bowls are handmade in porcelain and are finished in a wonderful pearl glaze, they make a lovely house warming gift, pearl wedding gift, and present ideas for Christmas and birthdays.

These bowls feature our special mother of pearl lustre, the inside of the bowl is glazed in pearl creating a gorgeous contrast to the white unglazed porcelain on the outside.

How our Ceramic Bowls are Made:

Each of our ceramic bowls are made by hand in our Cornish workshop.

They are first slipcast in plaster molds and finished by hand and so each bowl is unique. Once dry the porcelain bowl is fired and then glaze is applied. The ceramic bowls are then high fired to 1260 degrees C. A mother of pearl lustre is then added and the bowls take a third and final firing.


Once finished the bowls are presented in our branded gift boxes.  Perfect to get delivered direct for a house warming gift or gift for other occasion.

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