Cotehele Craft Fair 5 – 6th November 2016

Catching up with news from the weekend:

My scribble bowls are on the promotional poster for the National Trust Cotehele Craft Fair 2016! I am over the moon and very much looking forward to exhibiting once again!!!

Cotehele Winter Craft Fair is an annual event which takes place in November every year, this year on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th. It is a fantastic fair perfect to kick off your Christmas shopping, with artists and craftspeople from the local areas.

Why not make a day of it, visit Cotehele Craft fair, explore Cotehele house and Gardens, take a walk down to Cotehele Quay and Mill.

Cotehele Christmas Craft Fair 5th - 6th november 2016

Monday Daily Blog Entry!

Moving on to today, Monday 10th October – Really where is time going?!?

I spent the majority of the day packing orders, including a set of my porcelain coasters pressed with summer Jasmine.

Summer Flowering Jasmine

Summer Flowering Jasmine

ceramic coasters

I will be making more of these coasters tomorrow ready for Christmas orders, xmas fairs and Galleries.

Find our coasters here.


This evening Garry mixed some more porcelain slip for me while I finished some glazing (Amelia-Jayne didn’t fancy more than a 40 minute nap this morning – she normally does a 2 hour nap and so I was running very behind, but got the kiln on in the end). I also poured some more scribble bowls with the new slip! See pictures!

Mixing the slip up

1. Mixing the slip up


2. Sieving the slip


Pouring the slip to make scribble bowls

Pouring the slip to make scribble bowls


That is it for today, watching a film and chilling now, will be back for tomorrows posting!