Thursday October 6

On Thursday mornings I go to my parents house to help Mum set up her website or do other computer work. She is currently building her website for her textile art work.

During this time I worked on my handmade on Amazon site, adding this set of pearl bowls.

nesting bowls

The rest of the day has been spent glazing and putting on a glaze firing and keeping the kids out of Garrys way as he is still home working on the house (he has spent today in the kitchen ripping down tiles and painting cabinets!).

Beautiful Topiary Gardens

I was scrolling through facebook (as you do!) and came across a post about topiary gardens, the images were beautiful and I ended up searching on pinterest for more topiary gardens, they truly are amazing works of art so I thought I would share my favorites here with you.

Some gorgeous topiary gardens:


These topiary elephants have been created by Steve Manning, I love the detail.

To see more see Steve Mannings Website here.

topiary gardens

Topiary Elephants by Steve Manning

topiary garden

chameleon topiary



topiary garden

panda topiary

Gorilla Topiary

Gorilla Topiary

topiary garden

Octopus topiary

topiary gardens

Sleeping bird topiary


These are some of my favorite topiary designs, I could have spent hours on pinterest looking at more ideas!

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