October 7 – A Day Of Redecorating

redecoring the kitchen (after partway though)

Today has been spent helping the hubby redecorating in the kitchen – well mainly holding things in place for him and keeping Amelia-Jayne (the baby!) out of the kitchen!

I found a few minutes to work on some of my etsy shop and add another listing to handmade on Amazon ready for the Christmas season!

Snowflake Christmas wine glass charms £4.99 each

I have also added my snowflake Christmas wine glass charms to my website shop here!


Before and After

I thought I would share a couple of before and after (well half way through) pictures with you!

Before redecorating the kitchen
Before redecorating the kitchen
before redecorating
Before redecorating the kitchen (just laid the tiles out!)

And the result at the end of today:

The end of today
The end of today
At the end of today
At the end of today


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