Melissa’s Story

Melissa Choroszewska – Artist Statement

Melissa makes porcelain home decor, gifts and accessories in Callington, Cornwall.

Her work is predominately inspired by the textures and patterns found in the natural countryside surrounding her home in Cornwall.

Melissa works in porcelain and uses techniques such as slip casting and hand building to create her work.

Real flowers grown in Melissa’s garden are pressed into the porcelain clay, once the porcelain is bisque fired to 1000 degrees C the flowers burn away. Next the flowers are hand painted and the item is glazed before the ceramics are fired again to 1260 degrees C, this is when the porcelain becomes semi translucent; hold the pieces to the light and see them glow!

Melissa often uses a gorgeous mother of pearl lustre to finish off her work, this is applied over clear glaze and is fired for a third time to 780 degrees C.

Melissa studied a degree in Contemporary Applied Arts at Hereford College of Art. She graduated in 2009 and moved back to Cornwall where she set up her workshop.

Melissa now supplies shops and galleries through out the UK and also sells her ceramics through her own website, and

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Handmade in Cornwall and pressed with real flowers into porcelain clay and then hand painted. The hearts can feature a decal saying "Thank you" or any text or your choice.

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Handmade in porcelain clay the bowl is slipcast in a plaster mold and an Aster daisy from my Cornish garden is pressed into the clay.

When dry the bowl is fired in my kiln and then glazed before ... See more

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Photos from Melissa Choroszewska Ceramics's post

This porcelain hanging heart decoration is a lovely piece of ceramic home decor. This heart hanging ornament features pressed leaf from my Cornish Garden.