First Drawing Keepsake Coasters Gift


Ceramic coasters personalised and printed with your child’s drawings.



Our first drawing keepsake coasters gift are perfect for Christmas gifts for grandparents, parents or family members, they are also great birthday, fathers day and mothers day gifts.
This first drawing keepsake coaster makes a useful and beautiful keepsake to treasure forever.

These coasters are personalised with your child’s very own drawing.

Have you still got your childs first scribbles hidden away in a box? over the years they gather dust and gradually fade in the sun. Turning your favourite designs into coasters is a perfect way to preserve and keep your favorites!

How to Order.
Select the number of coasters you need.
Add to card and proceed to checkout.
When you complete your order I will be in touch with details for the personalisation.

How to do your picture:

If you would like to use your childs first scribbles, simply scan them in and I will crop to the best selection. Alternatively if your child is doing you drawings specially for the coasters follow the instructions below!
On an A4 piece of white paper draw a circle as large as you can.
Get your child to draw a picture within the circle in felt tip pens (don’t worry about going over the lines).
Scan the picture into the computer and email it to me, or alternative post the original drawings to me and I will take care fo the rest. Please note I will not return the drawings.

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