Personalised Childs Drawing Mug – Christmas Gift for Grandparents


Ceramic mug personalised with your childs drawings and personalised over the top.


This personalised childs drawing mug makes a lovely Christmas gift for grandparents, parents, aunt and uncles and other family members.

They also make lovely personalised teachers gifts for a favourite teacher.

Always a hit with grandparents, these personalised ceramic mugs make lovely lasting keepsakes, to treasure as your child grows up!

These Mugs can also be personalised with text over the drawing – perfect for younger children, babys and toddlers first artwork – simply send me a scan of the artwork and let me know the text to put over the top.

The Drawing:

1.On a white piece of paper draw a rectangle approx 19cm x 7.5cm (we will resize on the computer so don’t worry if not exact!)

2. Give your child felt tip pens and let them draw within the rectangle (don’t worry if they go over the lines, the rectangle is just a guide to see how the picture will look on the cup). (felt tip pens look best, but crayons, pencils and gluing and sticking all work aswell).

3. Either scan the picture in and attach it to your order or you can send me the picture through the post and I will do the rest! Email the picture to

4. When I recieve your image I will do the computer magic to make it the correct size and then personalise your ceramic mug with your childs picture!


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